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This is our RB25DET powered fox body Mustang

The JGY Blue Demon

JGY Drag car

This is Jacob Atkins S14 SR20DET. He first purchased a motor from Canada that didn't work, then he purchassed an SR block from us here at JGY. The car is now running just fine and he is very pleased...He didn't give up on it or just try to sell it. He stuck in there and now has a great running car.

This is one of our built SRs

Mike Runyon's Stroked out 2.3 SR

There are way too many people out there that have dedicated their time and money to doing installs and body work that just end up dropping their project and letting their vehicle go. Help us keep the industry alive and continue to be a part of our exciting community. There are new things that come out every day so don't miss out on what the rest of us are having a blast doing.